The Dark Knight Rises Plot Spoilers & HD Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises Plot Spoilers & HD Trailer

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View the leaked video right here:

The Dark Knight Rises opens in theaters on July 20 so nowadays is the time to look forward towards big plot spoilers to start appearing globally, it is easily the best movie according to tweets reviews and facebook reviews that are exploding on the internet. By now Nolan and company have been able to make the storyline a well kept secret. We have viewed an e-mail from subscriber that whether the details is true shows lots of spoilers and plot details for The Dark Knight Rises. We have no way to tell if the following is real or possibly not, but if you're really care about the movie, View below.

Plus, this is the most current story spoilers, which we trim from paper and make it into photos to avoid complaining from google. So, dont copy this plot spoilers please, or any responsibility you take.
Now read at yourself risk:
the dark knight rises plot spoilers part4the dark knight rises plot spoilers part3the dark knight rises plot spoilers part1the dark knight rises plot spoilers part2

So just what do you think about this? People who have seen the film in the earlier Dark Knight Rises Screening are tweeting reviews, writing comments on facebook and submitting anonymous feedback to sites all-around the globe. In doing so they are  being very candid in their passion for the Dark Knight Rises and here are a few quick bullet points on the responses:
  • If you think you understand where the Dark Knight Rises is intending you will be surprised.
  • The Dark Knight Rises is a very good emotional experience for fans and could truly bring you to tears as it did for some at the screening.
  • If you believed that the Joker brought down damage on Gotham City hang on right up until you view what BANE brings to the pavement of Gotham. He literally crying the metropolis to pieces. Where the Joker does things with no explanation and with no real intent aside from chaos Bane’s passion for damage brings a freight train of pain
  • The Dark Knight Rises focuses heavily on the fact that not only is Gotham city rotting from the inside of out but so is Batman. Batman must ELEVATE but so must Gotham in this the last installment of The Dark Knight Rises
  • Christian Bale’s voice as Batman and this disappointed some fan boys has improved.
  • Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman is very much closer to the comics then any prior takes on the personality. 
Anyway , the movie will be released next Week, Let's wait for it!

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