The Expendables 2: Spoilers & Tailer

The Expendables 2: Spoilers & Tailer

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This movie is maybe ever nearer than THE EXPENDABLES 1 to being a real life; only several hours before we got message that Jean-Claude Van Damme's likely participate to the movie is very actual (however it's not TOTALLY verified yet, but this is looking more than likely), and so today we have got  a summary for the movie. This is not confirmed, so it can just be a speculation.
This summary consists of a MAJOR SPOILER right from the start, so think about your self aware: The Expendables are back again and now it's individual! Right after Tool (Mickey Rourke), the key figure of the Expendables, is unfortunately killed on a task, his comrades vowed to avenge for him. They're not the only people who plan to do this. Tool’s lovelygood looking youthful and flexible daughter Fiona plans for herself revenge task, howeverless she complicate the matters when she is unfortunately grabbed and ransomed by a callous rulers plan to demolish a resistance movement. At this point Barney and the Expendables need to risk anything to protect her and humankind.

Oh my god, want to save humankind?! Discuss taking it to the next level...
All of us don't know without a doubt who will likely be the hero of the movie (even though we may presume that Sly Stallone is going to be taking every one of the super stars back again, such as Bruce Willis and hopefully Arnold), neither do all of us find out who is movie directing. There is been a lot of back and forth in regards to if Stallone will be the directer of the movie, yet he has been really insistent that he will not be.certainly, it's showing the fact that Nu Image has gone away from the "Directed by" credit rating blank for the film. Possibly an announcement will come soon..? Anyway, we will post on this site if it's really so, just watch for our blogger these days( THE EXPENDABLES 2 August 17, 2012. We'll post the latest info for this movie before release date ).

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  1. crazyly insightful post. If only it was as easy to implement some of the solutions as it was to read and nod my head at each of your points

  1. vigoss qi said...:

    Anyway, the release date is upcoming (August 17), I will post all my points in my blogger during the waiting time.

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