Hotel Transylvania (3D) review & latest trailer

Hotel Transylvania (3D) review & latest trailer

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RELEASE DATE: September 28, 2012;
LENGTH: 1 hour and 32 minutes;
TYPE: Vibrant;

Popular monsters who would like to escape from annoying (as well as frightening) human beings book their own holiday season at the title luxurious vacation resort in the neutered and frantic 3-D living funny Hotel Transylvania. Which is the way the joint's holder, Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler), would like to conduct business. A single father in the previous Disney custom, the count number would choose to keep his growing 118-year-old daughter, Mavis (Selena Gomez), protected from contaminants by terrifying outsiders permanently. The appearance of a youthful human man (Andy Samberg) - Romeo to her pale, undead Juliet - interferes with those ideas.

Lots of human being directors checked in and out of Hotel Transylvania in the past ahead of the project landed in the hands of the nifty TV-animation wizard Genndy Tartakovsky, maker of Samurai Jack and Dexter's Lab. Tartakovsky's zippy, boing-boing touch shines through in the purely natural antics of the monster mob; words aren't necessary as the geek jump around with abundant energy. (Kevin James, Cee Lo Green, Steve Buscemi, and Fran Drescher are amongst the guests ghoul sounds.) It's the parental mush about trusting one's kid to make her own breakthroughs and blah blah blah (spoken in a Sandlerized version of a Dracula voice) that drains the movie of bloodstream. What's left are platitudes, and Sandler singing a originality song in a Transylvanian-accented falsetto. 

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