Taken 2 HD trailer & plot review

Taken 2 HD trailer & plot review

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You may believe that as a result of what had happened in the first episode “Taken,” Bryan, Lenore and Kim would think twice about vacationing abroad . But in this episode -“Taken 2” they go for visiting relatives , and - would not you expect? - kidnappings occur again , as well as killings.

In the first episode Kim (Maggie Grace) was kidnapped by Albanian sex traffickers. Now relatives of all those traffickers would like revenge for their associates killed during the rescue conducted, target Bryan (Liam Neeson), a former C.I.A. operative. And Bryan's ex-wife, Lenore (Famke Janssen), Kim’s mother, also a target for revengi ng. for
The family makes it easy for the villains by going to Istanbul for an impromptu journey, where Bryan and Lenore are quickly grabbed. (Albanian criminal offense lords have a long reach and many connections in passport offices and such.) It falls to Kim to make their rescue. Doing so demands her to, among the other things, drop grenades in the middle of the city, something that endangering people's lifes.
Taken 2 is estimated that will rearched $80M on box office before it release, but now the real budget is $49.5M. In any rate, I think it should be the most popular movie this month.

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