Avatar 2 Official Trailer and Plot Summary ( Release date may delayed from 2014 to 2015 )

Avatar 2 Official Trailer and Plot Summary ( Release date may delayed from 2014 to 2015 )

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Avatar 2 Confirmed
Avatar 2 may be the sequel to Avatar, directed by Wayne Cameron and released last year. Starring Sam Worthington as well as Zoe Saldana, Avatar offers grossed over $1. four billion worldwide because its release. Although the Avatar Sequel continues to be in the initial phases of development, but James Cameron offers stated that it won't be a prequel. Many think that the Avatar Sequel won't take place upon Pandora, the setting from the first Avatar movie. James Cameron offers stated that he want to make Avatar right into a trilogy.

Plot Summary
Science fiction movie "Avatar 2" has already been confirmed, though it's still in the early stages associated with development. The Avatar Sequel might take place on a planet besides Pandora. Says Avatar 2 author and director Wayne Cameron, "We possess some story ideas for how you can branch out in to other moons of Polyphemus and also the Alpha Centauri The solar system. Inch
A source experienced previously ignited conjecture that Avatar 2 wouldn't take place upon Pandora when he or she said, "It's all in the air as of this moment. But remember I'm suggesting this. Pandora is not really the be just about all and end all the Consortium. " Nevertheless, it is vital that you remember that Avatar 2 is in an exceedingly early concept phase, meaning no follow up ideas are occur stone.
Avatar 2 Release Date
Regarding Avatar 2's 2014 discharge date, Jon Landau had this to express.
"We're not identifying dates, but I think 2014 would have been a tough date for all of us to make. It's about setting it up right. Movies help to make release dates; discharge dates don't help to make movies. We've began already. WETA happen to be working and we now have our core team dealing with us. And we're focusing on underwater performance-capture. It will likely be like the Floating Mountains within the first movie. It will not be all marine; it's going to become a place we visit, leave and return to."

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