What's the way to convert AVI movies to 3GP? ( Learn to play movies on 3G phones )

What's the way to convert AVI movies to 3GP? ( Learn to play movies on 3G phones )

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Here this post is going to share the best way to convert AVI to 3GP with simply a few mouse clicks.
Why we need to convert AVI to 3GP?
AVI is a video format usually applied on movie playback on computers. An AVI file may well carry audio/visual data within the chunks in virtually any compression scheme, including Full Frame (Uncompressed), Motion JPEG, RealVideo / ClearVideo, MPEG-4 Video as well as more.
3GP is the 3rd generation partnership project used to watch as well as record videos on 3G phones. Certainly, it can be played out on some 2G as well as 4G phones.
To convert AVI to 3GP will let us to observe AVI files on a 3G devices much more easily.
Ways to convert AVI to 3GP?
Converting AVI to 3GP, we need first get as well as set up an AVI converter(download page:http://www.media-video-converter.com/avi-converter/).
1. start out the program as well as add the AVI files
Just run the AVI converter and click on “add” to input the AVI movies. Preview the video by simply double hitting the file. Here batch change is obtainable.
2. Set output
Then go to the drop down box of “Profile” to select 3GP as the output format in “HD Video” column. you are able to also search 3GP in the searching bar.
Designate a folder as output folder.
3. Edit the video
Push “Edit” button to open the editing window, by which you are able to trim the movie length, crop the movie size, adjust movie effect as well as add watermark to videos.
4. Audio as well as video settings
For advanced user, you are able to click on “Settings” button to enter settings panel, in which you are able to set the parameters like video as well as audio codec, bit rate, frame rate, video size, etc.
5. Convert AVI to 3GP
Once all of the settings have been down, you are able to click on “convert” to start out converting AVI to 3GP. This AVI converter might speedily carry out the conversion from AVI to 3GP as well as supply you a shortcut for output folder.

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    great tips for avi to 3gp conversion.
    here is another guide on avi to mp4 osx: http://www.ilikemall.com/how-to/convert-avi-to-mp4-mac.html

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