How to enjoy DVD movies on Ipad tablet?

How to enjoy DVD movies on Ipad tablet?

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Want to view DVD videos on Ipad tablet and failed to realize it because Ipad has no hard drive? This post will detail explain how to enjoy DVD movies on Ipad tablet by simply converting DVD to Ipad.

We all know Ipad tablet is a good tool for us to view videos and even play games, and so forth. To enjoy DVD videos on Ipad tablet, we need convert DVD to Ipad. As Ipad tablet does not have any hard drive, thus we need use a computer to first convert DVD to Ipad before we transfer the video to Ipad tablet. Here, a professional DVD to Ipad converter will enable us to convert DVD to Ipad as well as other portable devices and even popular video formats. Meanwhile, it provides us some basic editing features.

Now, download the DVD to Ipad converter and install it.
(Download page:

Step 1: load the DVD videos
Stick in the DVD disc and even launch the DVD to Ipad converter, and then push “add” to load the DVD videos. you are allowed to preview the imported DVD files by double clicking its title and even also decide on the subtitles and even audio languages of the video.

Step 2: decide on output
Click the inverse triangle in “Profile” to set the output format, you can click the Ipad tablet column and even decide on Ipad tablet. Meanwhile, decide on an output folder in “Output”.

Step 3: edit the video
This is an optional step. you may push “edit” to begin the process editing the video for far better the output video. This program provides us 4 editing features: Trim, Crop, Effects and even watermark.

Step 4: settings
If you desire to make exact output, you should push “settings” to adjust the audio and even video parameters including bite rate, video size, audio codec, video codec, sample rate, and so forth.

Step 5: convert DVD to Ipad
Finally, it’s time to go back to the main interface and even clicks “convert” to begin the process the conversion from DVD to Ipad. This DVD to Ipad converter will provide you an output shortcut after the conversion.n.

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