Top Ten DVD Converter & Comparisons

Top Ten DVD Converter & Comparisons

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1. Why Use Blu-ray to DVD Converter Software?

Superseding its soon-to-be obsolete predecessor of HD DVD, Blu-ray is the latest optical disc format to emerge in media. Blu-ray discs (BD) were developed to enable the recording and playback of high-definition (HD) video and store large amounts of data (BDs boast five times the storage capacity of conventional DVDs).
As is typically the case with newer technology, BDs tend to be pricey, especially in comparison to DVDs; production volumes are low and the number of Blu-ray related products (such as Blu-ray players) is limited. Additionally, consumer acceptance of Blu-ray players ¨C whether due to cost or the limited number currently available ¨C progresses more slowly than that of BDs themselves, particularly among budget-conscious buyers.
Enter Blu-ray to DVD converter software, which enables consumers to create standard DVDs from BDs so they can watch them on regular DVD players. Moreover, the software is an ideal backup solution; you can make inexpensive DVD copies to safeguard your investment of pricey BDs. Read our articles on Blu-ray to DVD converter software to find out  more about this emerging technology and why "Blue ray disk converter" is actually a misspelling. While each application will slightly vary, the best are those that are easy to use and offer a wide range of features and functionalities. Using our rating criteria, we determined Leawo Blu-Ray Ripper, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy and Xilisoft Blu-Ray to DVD Converter to be the best overall Blu-ray to DVD converter software.

2. Top Ten DVD Converter

Below is the Top Ten DVD Converter & comparisons:
We can view Leawo is the most popular DVD converter in 2012. This app is also have a good price ($35 to $40), so it is really attractive for DVD fans. I have collected lots of DVD for latest movies, and I need a excellent DVD converter, so I always use the apps of Leawo, and I am going the put the DVD download links on my site, but is it legal? I need the answers, so greatly appreciate your replies. Don't trick me or my site maybe suspended.

3. Blu-ray to DVD Converter Software: What to Look For

It may sound intimidating and apt only for the most tech-savvy of users, but for the most part, this converter software is relatively easy to use and can be utilized by virtually anyone with any level of technical ability; you just have to find a program that offers specifically what you're looking for. Through extensive research, we've identified crucial criteria to consider so you can compare the best Blu-ray to DVD converter software.
The best Blu-ray to DVD converter software are applications that offer a range of both important functionalities and customizable features. Important functionalities we looked for included built-in Blu-ray decryption, adjustment of output parameters (e.g. bit rate, video resolution, etc.) and preview capabilities. We heavily weighted built-in decryption since software that is equipped with it doesn't require users to purchase a third-party application in order to bypass disc copy protections. We also evaluated what output formats (other than DVD folder) were offered and what configurations, or operating systems, the software supported. The extra features we looked for included anything that allowed users to customize the converted video. This includes but isn't limited to the ability to add artistic effects, crop the video frame or a splitter function that enables users to trim and merge selected clips of a BD. Generally speaking, the more features and functionalities the software has, the better and more versatile it is.
Quality of Converted Video
How well an application can convert Blu-ray into DVD format while maintaining the original quality is another crucial factor to consider. When assessing the quality of the output file, we evaluated whether or not the converted video had a sharp picture and clear sound and if there were any perceptible skips or jumps in the video. Additionally, high-quality outputs should have audio and picture that is completely synced (meaning the dialog and other sounds are perfectly matched with the motion of the video). 
Ease of Use
Ease of use refers to the general user-friendliness and interface design of the software; did it have intuitive navigation and was the overall conversion process simple and quick? We also evaluated whether each application could easily be utilized by both beginner and advanced users.
All the applications we reviewed are web-based, meaning they can be downloaded to your hard drive straight from the internet. Subsequently, the installation process for each one is very quick and easy. 
Technical Support
Technical support refers to any assistance offered by the manufacturer to address specific registration, installation or post-installation problems. When it comes to this type of software, most manufacturers render support through FAQs, tutorials and user guides or manuals found on their websites. For more specific issues, some also offer support via email and a customer service telephone line.

Finally, if you need a DVD converter that is not only excellent but also has a better price, I strongly recommend you the Leawo apps. But maybe different people has different needs, so if you don't care the money, choose DVDFab, it is not necessarily better than Leawo, but it's really much more expensive than Leawo. I am a DVD fans, but I haven't use that app before because it cost too much.
Here is the guide for how to use DVD converter:

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